"Our CAP accreditation, together with our CLIA certification, substantiates our commitment to excellence and confidence to our partners that results received are of the highest quality possible." 

Cory Zuehlsdorf

Founder & President


We offer various collection and analysis options to equip your staff with the tools to succeed and 100% reach of all particpants.

scientific excellence

State-of-the-art robotic instrumentation under strict quality standards to ensure accurate and reliable results.


Our 100% commitment to build a long-term relationship that create synergies of knowledge, security, and adaptability to support your organization's success.

A laboratory PARTNER you CAN Count on

100% specimen reconciliation.
ON time reporting. Custom Data Integration.

CoreMedica Laboratories Inc

DATA intregation

Our reporting capability offers effective data integration with your system to meet your customer goals and value in the information you provide.

our SErvices

a nationally accredited laboratory 

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