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AccreditationsCollege of American Pathologists (CAP)
Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CLIA)

Our CAP accreditation is also recognized by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and used to meet state certification requirements. CoreMedica maintains clinical laboratory licenses and permits from the Dept of Health of several states including New York. ​

Laboratory DirectorCristian Saez, PhD., is a clinical chemist with extensive experience in the development of laboratory methods for preventative medicine.  Dr Saez is board certified in Clinical Chemistry by the American Society for Clinical Pathology & National Registry of Certified Chemists.

Matt Combs

Vice President, Sales


make blood testing simple.

Currently, blood samples must be collected by licensed phlebotomists, packed in break-proof, leak-proof containers, and shipped overnight.  Long distance transport may require the use of dry ice or liquid nitrogen, requiring further specialized handling and volume storage, which increases costs significantly.  CoreMedica overcomes these issues with:

Our Executive Team


Director Strategic Operations

Cory Zuehlsdorf

President & CEO

COmpany Profile

Founded: 2010
Founders: Cory Zuehlsdorf & Cristian Saez, PhD

Areas of ExpertiseClinical Reference Laboratory, Micro sample collection & analysis

Founded by veteran laboratory executives, CoreMedica Laboratories' vision is to deliver innovations in capillary blood analysis and eventually eliminate needle phlebotomy for conventional blood draws.
Scientific ExcellenceIt takes a specialized knowledge and years of experience to develop and maintain micro sample analysis.  Unlike other labs,  our medical scientists have over twenty-years combined experience in small volume collection techniques and specimen analysis.​ 


Laboratory Director

marny hudson

Client Services Manager

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About Us

  1. Minimally invasive testing (using capillary blood).
  2. Superior collection, handling and transport economics using compact blood concentrators.
  3. Greater safety and simplicity in collection, shipping, and disposal.
  4. Test-from-anywhere capabilities - no cold chain handling, no phlebotomists, no collection centers.   


Chief Business Officer

jason taber

Director of IT