Founded 2010 in Lee’s Summit, MO by veteran laboratory executives Cory Zuehlsdorf & Cristian Saez. We spent our initial years developing the science, validating our methods, and implementing compliance to obtain our CAP Accreditation and CLIA License. In 2014 we co-developed the most innovative blood serum separation and transportation container used for screenings today. In 2017 we expanded our innovations in capillary analysis with our micro sample collection and testing technology that offers a venipuncture like test menu from a specimen collected via fingerstick.

CoreMedica’s specimen analysis capabilities span across multiple collection modalities and methods, fingerstick or venipuncture. Specimens, from all across the country, are processed at our single site laboratory daily. Our centralization allows for industry leading turn around time, consistency and quality.​

Industries We Serve

CoreMedica serves many industries including, but not limited to:
Corporate Wellness • Epidemiological Research • Pharma • Clinical Trials Monitoring • Insurance Underwriting ​



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Mangement Team

A multi-talented group of laboratory directors and health & wellness market executives.


Cory Zuehlsdorf

President & CEO
Founder. Over 20 years experience in strategic planning, business development, product/project management, quality assurance and regulatory affairs in the medical device sector.


Bill Robert, PH.D

Strategic Operations
Laboratory Executive with 30+ years executive experience in laboratory management and facility design. A part-time employee who overseas our project management in R&D, IT and facility operations.


Steve Parks

Finance and Administration
Accounting Executive in the planning, forecasting and budgeting, and project management for global lab operations. Former manager of accounting and planning for Clinical Reference Labs.


Cristian Saez, PH.D

CSO & Lab Director
Co-Founder. Over 20 years leading laboratories. Doctoral degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, Board Certified in Clinical Chemistry (NRCC) & lab management.


Matt Combs

Revenue Officer
With more than 15 years of experience in healthcare and financial services industry. Executive experienced in operational, sales, new business and development strategies.


Jason Taber

Director of IT 
Senior level technical director with more than 15 years of experience in driving innovation through the planning, development, integration and support of technical and enterprise solutions aligned with evolving business capabilities for the real world of enterprise IT.

Our Mission: To deliver innovation for better health, worldwide.

Currently, blood samples must be collected by licensed phlebotomists, packed in break-proof, leak-proof containers, and shipped overnight.  Long distance transport may require the use of dry ice or liquid nitrogen and requires specialized handling and volume storage that increases costs significantly.

CoreMedica overcomes these issues with:

​1.     Minimally invasive testing (using capillary blood).
2.     Superior collection, handling & transport economics via compact blood.

3.     Greater safety and simplicity in collection, shipping, and disposal.
4.     Test-from-anywhere capabilities.

Accreditations​ for Scientific Excellence

State-of-the-art robotic laboratory instrumentation under strict quality standards to ensure accurate and reliable results.