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the CoreMedica difference

Scientific ExcellenceIt takes a specialized knowledge and years of expericence to develop and maintain micro sample analysis.  Unlike other labs,  our medical scientists have over twenty-years combined experienced in small volume collection techniques and specimen analysis.​ 


We follow a rigorous validation process to assure each analyte is capable of meeting all precision and reproducibility prior to inclusion on our test menu. Our approach includes the use of outside research laboratories for specimen collection to incorporate the variability of collected samples into our correlation and stability studies. 

Enhanced Reliability

We drive the instrumentation and specimens to their limits of acceptability for each and every analyte.  Our process includes the identification of the sources of potential errors and quantification of the potential errors to ensure accuracy, precision, analytical sensitivity and specificity, interferences, and reportable range for each analyte. All documentation is evaluated by The College of American Pathologist (CAP).

Our services

Offering inexpensive chemistry and immunochemistry analyses for the early detection of common diseases and management of ongoing treatment for:

  • Corporate Wellness Screening

  • Health Awareness

  • Epidemiological Research

  • Clinical Trials Monitoring

  • Insurance Underwriting

​​blood testing 

made simple


CoreMedica releases reliable results within 24-72 hours after receipt.  Results are downloaded via a secure portal and available in various custom formats to meet the need of your business and goals of your customer.                                                      

CoreMedica can provide individual sample reports for each analyte with interpretative information in a PDF format. Other formats can include; csv, HL7, and xls.