​CoreMedica's shipping system provides a cost-effective method of transporting wet capillary tubes to ensure sample protection & stability.  Each container can hold 5x more samples than the standard venipuncture system used today.   FedEx OVNT shipping is included.

Collection Videos

Dried Blood

Examiner Collection Video

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MICRO Tube Collection

Specimen Shipment Preparation

  1. Quick collection process. 
  2. Increased patient comfort and reduces the risk of redraws.
  3. Eliminates the injuries and complications associated with venipuncture collections.
  4. Greater safety and simplicity in collection, shipping, and disposal.   

examiner collection video

Micro Collection 

CoreMedica is the leading CAP-accredited laboratory using micro collection of blood as an important tool for our clients in the implementation of Research, Preventive Medicine Programs, and Disease Screening.  We offer various collection methods to help meet your program or project goals.  Please give us a call to discuss which collection & analysis method is right for you.  
Our Innovation

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Participants can now provide a blood sample without the pain, bruising, and worry associated with the standard venipuncture collection process.  For some analytes, no centrifugation is required. 

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