Participants can now provide a blood sample without the pain, bruising, and  worry associated with the standard venipuncture collection process.  And for the examiner, no centrifugation is required. 

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dried blood Specimens (DBS)

The use of dried blood analysis was first developed in 1913 by Bang for the estimation of blood glucose concentration. Most  prominent use of DBS for clinical purposes began in the sixties when Dr. Robert Guthrie developed an assay for the detection of phenylketonuria which led to the population screening of newborns for the detection of inherited metabolic diseases. Today, the collection of dried blood has become a significant tool helpful in the screening for a number of common medical conditions. CoreMedica is the  leading CAP-accredited laboratory using dried blood analysis as an important tool for our clients in the implementation of Research, Preventive Medicine Programs, and Disease Screening.
Our InnovationRecent growth of in vitro diagnostics has created an unprecedented opportunity for adaptation of traditional laboratory tests to be performed using DBS in which the cells are separated from serum by self diffusion.  CoreMedica co-developed the most innovative serum separation technology offered today.  The Blood-DS™  design includes a new engineered material that provides rapid separation of blood with no cell hemolysis for improved precision.  This new approach is a true alternative collection method similar to an SST tube, where red cells are separated from the serum without the need of a centrifuge. This enables CoreMedica to perform serum-based tests without red cell contamination for non-diagnostic screening. 

CoreMedica Laboratories is the only clinical reference laboratory using this new patented technology today.  We are the leader in dried blood analysis. Our scientific knowledge in R&D is unmatched. We know and understand dried blood and have implemented the most innovative elution methods known today.  CoreMedica works diligently to rapidly increase our menu of available analyses in our dried blood platform.  Please contact us for details.

Specimen Collection

CoreMedica now offers diagnostic analysis of capillary blood. Clients can collect a  sample from only 5-7 drops of capillary blood. Our innovative technology in small blood volume analysis offers a large testing menu of available analyses.  This includes CBC w/ Diff, CMP, Hormones, Tumor Marker, and etc. Contact us for a current listing.  ​   

​CoreMedica's shipping system provides a cost-effective method of transporting wet capillary tubes to ensure sample protection & stability.  Each container can hold 5x more samples than the standard venipuncture system used today.   FedEx OVNT shipping is included.

Micro Tube collection

Shipment preparation 

  1. Quick collection process. Clear straw fills end-to-end for accurate volume measuring.
  2. Increased patient comfort and reduces the risk of redraws.
  3. Eliminates the injuries and complications associated with venipuncture collections.
  4. Greater safety and simplicity in collection, shipping, and disposal.   

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