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CoreMedica believes in more than just "putting customers first".  Our staff is fully committed to forging long-term relationships that create synergies of knowledge, security, and adaptability for both parties.  We work collectively to  find mutually satisfactory solutions to shared problems and provide 100% dedication to excellence in every sale or service we provide.

Our customer service style is to work closely with you and those that are pushing the edge of the possible to include them in our product development discussions. We regularly seek input from our biggest and most innovative customers. This allows us to build better tools and ensure that we are bringing solutions that fill your needs.  From custom branded products and multiple reporting formats, we are fully committed to your success.

‚ÄčLet us know immediately if we failed you in any way.  Our promise is to work diligently in great haste get you happy and smiling again. And our goal is to never make the same mistake twice. 

Information Technology

Laboratory Information SystemCoreMedica's LIS includes advanced tools and decision support to improve productivity, measure performance and generate valuable business analytics. Our system was designed and created by Jason Taber to support high volume, complexity of our multiple specimen platform, and innovation concurrent with the changes taking place in healthcare. 

This includes full automation from accessioning to reporting and bi-directional communication with all systems and laboratory instruments.  This ensures 100% accuracy and tractability for every specimen and its associated data.

Reporting CapabilitiesMultiple integration capabilities available to include our recent implementation with PWN. We can provide individual sample reports for each analyte with interpretative information in a PDF format. Other formats can include; csv, HL7, and xls.

"We are committed to providing  comprehensive laboratory information data solutions with the customer as our first priority." 

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Jason Taber
Director Information Technology

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"My job is to ensure your 100% satisfaction with our products & services. Please feel free to reach me directly at any time."